How to install Twonky on Iomega NAS

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How to install Twonky on Iomega NAS

Postby Mankardo » Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:37 pm

I have an Iomega NAS that I bought in order to stream movies to my xbox 360 without having to use my pc resources. The xbox 360 reads all AVI files but simply wont even show my mp4 files. So I've researched here and there and it seems the best way to be able to play my mp4 files is to use Twonky. I want to be able to run it off of my NAS if possible, as the original intent was to be able to stream movies without my pc even on. If I completely missed a guide on how to do this I apologize, and would appreciate a link. If there isnt something I missed could you please help me with this situation? Thanks

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